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Eight kinds of cleaning things send a wife, let her do housework more save effort
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Triangular sponge rub
Thicker cleaning cloth decontamination is easier, clever triangle design to clean the gap without effort, thicker quality PP handle is more durable, can bring better cleaning effect.

Double-sided wipe glass tools
The glass cleaner with humanized design, wipes water at one side, wipes glass at the same time, the cleaning effect is better, the handle that can stretch only needs to stand in the room can wipe to the outside glass, use is safer also.

Emery sponge
Emery and sponge material, and stronger contamination ability, upgrade the decontamination does not hurt the hand handle design, grip feeling more comfortable, the stubborn stains can be easily done in the kitchen.

Thicken the dish sponge
Cute and lovely fruit shape, stronger water absorption can also produce more abundant foam, thickened sponge full of elasticity, decontamination and oil removal effect is better, clean hands do not hurt.

A long-handled brush pot artifact
Steel wool brush head can lead to better decontamination effect, suitable for kitchen clean, handle with a shoe, is more efficient to use, decontamination does not hurt the hand, is the kitchen cleaner's right-hand man.

Long handled sponge brush
Sponge combined with non-woven brush head, fringes can wipe that extension is more efficient to handle design use, apply to clean the floor, ceramic tile, is a good helper of household cleaning.

Double-sided decontamination sponge
Sponge combined with microfiber cloth composite design, can bring about better cleaning effect, suitable for cleaning up, produce rich foam at the same time also will not scratch the surface.

Hand towel with hanging coral fleece
Super soft coral fleece, no hair, no balls and better water absorption, with a hanging rope design to wipe hands more convenient, colorful candy color is also very fresh.